The Tron Googol platform is powered by teamwork, allowing all funds to be transferred from participant to participant for an instant payout. In addition, users can view each transaction with full transparency via TronScan which is an open ledger.

All community funds that are raised on the platform are evenly distributed to users within four cycles without the need for manual withdrawal.

Participants can join with an entry point of just $25. The platform’s auto re-entry feature allows participants to repeatedly earn funds up to $25,967.75, $51,917.50, and $103,835. Since the launch, participants have been earning every day.

Although users are not required to introduce other individuals to the platform, referrals can create more benefits for the entire community.

Additional information is available at

Tron Googol is fully audited and verified by an external auditor. The platform is not a Multi-Level Marketing system but instead is a crowdfunding platform utilizing blockchain technology which is completely decentralized. The benefits are that there no holds of any funds by Tron Googol, each participant has the potential to earn the same no matter when they join and auto re-entry enables them to earn on a passive basis.

The company’s Giving Forward mission is dedicated to uplifting and supporting global charitable endeavours in the areas of education, sanitation, drinking water, and healthcare.

A spokesperson for the company said: “At Tron Googol, we offer a unique matrix that has never been seen before in the Tron Smart Contract space. Everyone is guaranteed to win with our new crowdfunding platform.”

Interested parties can find additional information at

As with any launch, it is advisable to join as early as possible to not miss on the opportunity and to take advantage of the ever increasing price of data assets such as Tron. For further information the support team can be contacted at

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